machine learning for super-fast & accurate code security analysis

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about autom8

autom8 provides super-fast and accurate source code security analysis enabled by machine learning.
unlike traditional approaches, our unique approach uses machine learning to identify the security vulnerabilities in your source code, it comes with AI crawlers which continuously updates the quality model in real time.

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Scan with Speed and scale. Our unique product allows you analyze your applications source code in minutes compared to hours or even days with old fashioned legacy solutions.


Tired of False Positives? With our game changing NLP based analysis engines, we promise 99% accuracy on vulnerability checks.


Machine Learning is embedded into the heart of our product, quality model and vulnerability pattern library is updated in real time and the engine is also learning by experience over time.

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Our team

Pınar Soyata

founder & CEO

Serkan Çavuşoğlu

founder & COO

Cihan Eraslan


Aret Camgöz

Software Developer

Doğukan Dilekoğlu

Software Developer

Liudmyla Mishchenko

Software Developer


"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

– Galileo Galilei